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        Apprenticeship Program

        Tailored to Produce a Highly Skilled Workforce

        Corporate Responsibility What We Do

        Apprenticeship Program

        Program Overview

        Cheniere’s Apprenticeship Program is a workforce development program tailored to produce the highly skilled welders needed to support ongoing construction in the Gulf Coast and Coastal Bend regions. The program is designed for graduating high school students with welding experience and transitioning military veterans. 

        Utilizing partnerships with local community colleges and Bechtel, our EPC contractor, the program consists of two distinct phases: (1) initial welding training at partner colleges or military installations; and (2) customized, advanced welder training at a Cheniere-sponsored training facility.

        Once accepted into the program, participants start with structural welding and can advance to combination pipe welding and stainless steel welding over the course of 6 – 18 months depending on their skill level and aptitude. Program participants receive tuition reimbursement during the Phase 1 training and receive full-time pay during Phase 2, as well as additional financial incentives tied to their performance. Successful program graduates could have an opportunity to work at one of Cheniere’s projects currently under construction.

        Locally Focused

        Recruiting for the Apprenticeship Program is specifically focused around the communities where Cheniere operates to provide opportunities for candidates from the area. Geographically, there are 3 primary focus areas: (1) Southwest Louisiana; (2) Southeast Texas; and (3) the Coastal Bend Region of Texas. Currently the program is executed through strategic partnerships with Lamar Institute of Technology in Beaumont, SOWELA Technical Community College in Lake Charles, and Del Mar College in Corpus Christi. Additionally, the program sources candidates from over 20 high schools within those areas, as well as Fort Polk in Leesville, Louisiana.


        Program Phases


              Phase 1: Initial Training

              Phase 2: Advanced Welding

        For additional information, please email us at US.Talent@cheniere.com

        Last updated: June 2019
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