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        Providing LNG to international markets

        under flexible delivery and pricing terms


        With professional staff based in London, Houston, Singapore, Washington D.C. and Santiago, we have built a premier LNG trading platform. Cheniere Marketing will sell LNG produced by our SPL Project and CCL Project in excess of the LNG sold from the projects under third-party long-term SPAs, as well as purchase and sell other LNG volumes as available in the market.  LNG sales will be made opportunistically under flexible delivery and pricing terms, depending on the customers’ needs. LNG vessels have been chartered to support Cheniere Marketing’s sales made on a delivered-at-terminal (DAT) basis.

        LNG sales - short, mid, long-term sales, FOB or DAT basis

        Map of our locations

        UK Modern Slavery Act Statement

        Last updated 06/17/16
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