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        Providing Access to Major Interstate Pipelines

        for Optimal Market Access

        Creole Trail Pipeline Corpus Christi Pipeline Midship Pipeline Company, LLC

        Creole Trail Pipeline

        The 94-mile Creole Trail Pipeline is interconnected with the Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America, Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation (Transco), Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Florida Gas Transmission Company, Bridgeline Holdings, L.P., Texas Eastern Gas Transmission (TETCO), and Trunkline Gas Company (Trunkline).

        As certificated by FERC in CP12-351, Creole Trail Pipeline has constructed 53,000 Hp of compression to provide 1.5 Bcfd of North to South flows to Sabine Pass Liquefaction with receipts from Transco, TETCO and Trunkline. 

        Pipeline Map

        Creole Trail Pipeline

        Download Pipeline Map >

        Download Pipeline Expansion PDF >


        Pipeline Access 

        Last updated June 2019
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