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        Providing Access to Major Interstate Pipelines

        for Optimal Market Access

        Creole Trail Pipeline Corpus Christi Pipeline Midship Pipeline Company, LLC

        Midship Pipeline Company, LLC

        Midship Pipeline Company, LLC (“Midship”) is constructing a natural gas pipeline project to create new firm transportation capacity of up to 1,440,000 Dth/d connecting new gas production from the emerging STACK and SCOOP plays in the Anadarko Basin in Oklahoma to growing Gulf Coast and Southeast markets via deliveries to existing pipelines (“Midship Project”). 
        The Midship Project will include new-build mainline pipeline and three compressor stations, two lateral pipelines with a booster station, and associated facilities. Midship obtained all required regulatory approvals and were issued full notice to proceed in early 2019. Construction has begun, and it is anticipated Midship will go into service in late 2019.

        Project Facilities

        The Midship Pipeline will consist of nearly 200 miles of 36-inch diameter new-build pipeline that will begin in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma and terminate at interconnects with existing interstate natural gas pipeline near Bennington, Oklahoma. Midship is rated for a MAOP of up to 1,480 psig.

        The new-build facilities will include a total of three mainline compressor stations, seven receipt meter stations/taps and four delivery meters. In addition, the following two laterals will also be constructed:


        On May 31, 2017, Midship filed its Application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Docket No. CP17-458-000. A copy of Midship’s Application can be found on the  FERC’s website at https://www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/elibrary.asp, enter CP17-458 under Docket Search. To be notified on the Midship Project’s future filings, please add this docket to your eSubscriptions.   

        Project Schedule

        Milestone                                            Target
        Initial Stakeholder Outreach             Fall 2016, ongoing throughout project
        File FERC Application                      Q2 2017
        FERC Order Issued                          Q3 2018
        Begin Construction                          Q1 2019
        Project In-Service                            Q4 2019

        Contact Information

        General Inquiries: midship@cheniere.com or 1-888-214-7275
        Landowner Inquiries: 1-800-305-2466
        Customer Service/Capacity Inquiries: cheniere.midship@cheniere.com

        Pipeline Map

        Download Pipeline Map >

        Last updated: June 2019
        ®2019 Cheniere Energy, Inc. Copyrights - All Rights Reserved