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        Top 5 Global Supplier of LNG by 2020

        Sabine Pass Terminal Corpus Christi Project
        Sabine Pass Terminal

        Sabine Pass LNG Terminal

        The Sabine Pass LNG terminal is located on over 1,000 acres of land along the Sabine Pass River on the border between Texas and Louisiana, in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. It is located at the widest point on the Sabine River Navigation Channel, only 3.7 nautical miles from the open water and 23 nautical miles from the outer buoy. The channel is maintained at a depth of 40 feet and is not subject to tidal limitations. The terminal has two docks that are recessed far enough so that no part of the LNG vessel will protrude into the open waterway while docked. 

        Four dedicated tugs are stationed at the terminal to ensure safe and timely escorts by crews specifically trained to berth LNG vessels. The terminal can simultaneously load or unload LNG vessels from each berth in order to maximize the number of LNG vessels that can be received at the terminal each year.


        Sabine Pass Terminal Information

        Site: 1000+ Acres
        Accessibility: 40' Channel
        Proximity: 3.7 Nautical Miles from Coast
        Berths: 2 docks
        Storage 5 tanks (17 Bcfe)
        Vaporization: 4.0 Bcf/d Sendout
        In Service: 2008


        Liquefaction Project

        Cheniere Energy Partners is developing, constructing and operating a liquefaction project at the Sabine Pass LNG terminal adjacent to the existing regasification facilities for up to six trains, with expected nominal production capacity of approximately 27.0 mtpa of LNG. Trains 1-5 are operational, and Train 6 received FID in June 2019. For project details click here.

        Sabine Pass June 2016

        Sabine Pass LNG Terminal - June 2016

        Last updated June 2019
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